Towards Innovative Educational Methods,
Getting Experience from Each Other

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Project title: Towards Innovative Educational Methods, Getting Experience from Each Other (TOGETHER)

Contracting period: 2010 08 01 - 2012 07 31

EU programme: Lifelong Learning Programme Comenius Partnership project

Coordinating institution: Kaunas Juozas Grusas Art Secondary School (Lithuania, Kaunas)

Project partners:

  • Florida Centre de Formació, C.V. (Spain, Catarroja)
  • Duzici Cumhuriyet Lisesi (Turkey, Düziçi/Osmaniye)
  • I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im KEN w Końskich (Poland, Końskie)
  • Istituto Paritario "Enrico Fermi" (Italy, Castellanza)
  • Gimnaziya s prepodavane na chujdi ezici "Petar bogdan" (Bulgaria, Montana)

Description of the project

We watch the global unification, the tendency to cooperation in various areas. This is clearly illustrated by the expansion of the European Union and globalization of the World. In this time teachers play a vital role. But can a teacher engage the students with simple things such as working in the classroom and reading books, when youth grows up surrounded by computers, multimedia and innovative, high level technologies? Teachers can have the best intentions and training skills, but if students do not have the right attitude to learn, if the teaching methods are not renewed and made attractive, then the knowledge acquisition will be very limited. The teachers’ role is also to help students have a fancy for learning, therefore in this age full of changes, today's teachers need to learn to work with new and attractive technologies, to develop and offer innovative, modern training methods.


Project "TOGETHER" seeks to make learning interesting and innovative for students, involving teachers teaching different subjects in different European countries. The project will analyze and describe modern, non-traditional and motivating teaching methods, produce recommendations; test of the new methods as well assessment of their real-use will be provided.

A multicultural group of participants will collaborate together, exchange best practices, acquire new experiences, deepen their knowledge and teaching skills using various innovative teaching methods and techniques. Learning from each other in European cooperation, finding the unique in the cultural context will also improve ICT and foreign language skills.
Project activities, examples of good practices, feedbacks and other results will be published on the project website.